Affiliations Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Registration / Affiliation

For the purpose of opening of Private School / College, application form i.e. Form-A is available in the Academic / Private Schools Section. After submission of the Form-A , the Board Authority along with DEO fix a date for the purpose of visit regarding feasibility and site visit of the building and its location. Scrutinize the feasibility report and after completing all codal formalities, the Board provisionally allowed the institutions for a period of one year.

  1. The Board constituted a District Committee in each District, comprising of the following members.
  2. The District Education Officer of the district concerned as Chairman.
  3. The District Officer (E & SE Deptt:) of the District Concerned ( Member ).
  4.  Secretary of the Board Concerned ( Member )
  5.  Senior Principal of the College in the District ( Member )
  6.  An Educationist or a Social Worker as determine by the Board ( Member )
  7.   vi. A Representative of the Board ( Member )